Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ghetto GG & Poor Man's Kim Kardashian

To begin with, since I never reviewed last week's episode of "Shahs of Sunset," I would like to take a moment to ruminate on MJ's mother's lipstick-applying skills.

The dotted line is where the lipstick should end. But, apparently, she is dead set on looking like Dina Martina. I promise you: This has nothing to do with her being Persian.


So, Episode 2, Season 2 starts out decently well. We get MJ having lunch with her family. She describes how "tadiq," the crust Persians like on their rice, is like "crack." Indeed, it is... but not this thing her family cooks up:

That, my friends, is called a LAZY tadiq. Not acceptable.

Next, we get a peek into the new character, Lilly (a.k.a. the poor man's version of Kim Kardashian). There is something deeply wrong with her figure.


Check out the bozongas on that one! SUPER yikes!

And, then, of course, there's the obvious comparison to Kim Kardashian...

Lilly is #1, Kim is #2. Not much of a difference, minus a sex tape.

We are shown a few interesting things before the main event of The Pool Party. We see some used panty liner in one of Lilly's bikini samples...


And there's MJ's therapist... who happens to have an excellent example of the most recent hair dying craze of Los Angeles. 

Is she really a real therapist? What therapist would allow their session to be filmed?

Then, drumroll please, THE POOL PARTY! It's worth the wait--if only to see GG and her boyfriend Omid (recently engaged) arrive:

Wow, that Omid is really something else! 

As expected, GG has a meltdown. And, let me tell you, this ain't "cute" by any means. It's actually embarrassing to watch.

GG confronts Asa, the Persian Pop Priestess (LOL), about calling her boyfriend Omid's nose "big."

She gets really heated up. Meanwhile, MJ watches, and oh boy, poor MJ... What is she wearing!?!??!?!

Then it gets all Jerry Springer. GG takes her earrings off and tries to attack Asa while screaming, "I'm going to fuck you up." Please! I ask you: Where does she get this ghetto front from? Do you know how looked down upon that would be in Persian culture? Where did they find this chick?!?! I'm sure every Persian watching this show is as confused as I am. Who or what is GG appropriating? 

Then Mike tries to shush her. And there's this moment:

Um... ? 

Meanwhile, everyone at the party watches.



  1. nice recap! Are you reading the analysis (can't believe I'm using that word for this) over here?

  2. Nice. Just clicked on the link and read the "analysis" (I can't believe we're taking this so seriously either!). I don't know if I can handle the writer's devotion to Asa and Reza though.