Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shahs Are Back!

All right guys, I am sincerely SINCERELY sorry, but I didn't get a chance to see the first episode of "Shah's of Sunset--Season 2" until last night. Shameful, I know.

I continue to be mesmerized.

Asa admitted to burying "$30,000 worth of gold coins" in the cement in front of her mansion doorway. MJ's mother doesn't know how to apply lipstick and, every time I look at her, I think of Dina Martina. GG has never held a job and, every time she opens her mouth, she stutters like she's about to cry a la Sally Struthers on a Christian Children's Fund commercial circa 1980s. Reza has a new friend, Persian Barbie Lilly. There's also a new guy named Omid who has a really obnoxious laugh and is clearly closeted. And, the best parts--as usual--are the parts where the extended family rear their Persian heads: There's a nasty fight with MJ's family! There's a nasty fight between GG and her pregnant sister! We Persians love our family feuds. Drama, all the way!

Anyway, no screen shots this time. No further analysis, but I will be back next Tuesday with a full review of the second episode. I'm having kind of a low week.

In other news, my father is going to D.C. on business this week, and he is taking all of my applications for a renewed Iranian passport to the Iranian embassy (or the "Interests Section" of the Pakistani embassy--whatever they want to call it). After the debacle with my identity papers (it took more than a year to get them back), we're not risking going the mail route anymore. Hopefully the passport renewal doesn't take that long and I will finally be on my way to Iran... after first having the idea now almost two years ago.


  1. Was waiting for your commentary... also, be careful of your phrase "Persian Barbie"... might get sued!

  2. 1. The "real" Persian Barbie doesn't look Persian.

    2. Hilarious.